What do I receive every month?

You will receive a complete set composed by us: 2 clothes + 1 surprise accessory, everything packed in a beautiful bag. 

Why don't I get to pick the looks?

No ! this would spoil the surprise, don't forget: we are here to facilitate your life for A to Z. The concept was created to remove shopping from your TO DO LIST, so you to spend time with your kids. Don't be scared, gamin gamine. clothes are practical and basic. 

I want to try out the clothes before receiving my first box, is it possible?

No problem, on the contrary: all the looks are accessible and available on our E-shop. There is a new option: A gift card of one month to try out our subscription. Go to SHOP KIDS + MINI and buy to look of your choice or get our 1 month gift card.

What is the point of getting a subscription if I can get all the looks on the E-shop? 

As a box subscriber, you beneficiate from one look of 42€ (E-Shop price) value for 31,50€ 
You have -30% off on the E-shop all year long
Yes! the idea is the receive a whole set without hurting your wallet, we reduce our margin to a maximum on our subscriptions to offer you a really soft price.

I am scared that one set a month is a lot, do you have a solution?

We thought about everything: you can change the size of your subscription every month for all siblings with the same subscription or give some clothes to your friends. Go to my account > my subscriptions > kids' profile and change the size before the 20th of the month to receive the set in a different size.


I still did not receive my first box, is it normal?

Yes! the way the box works is the receive it at M+1. Example: You subscribe on October 14th 2022, so your first box will be the M+1, so November.

When will I receive my box? My kids and I are so excited!

Every month, the box of your child will be in your mailbox between the 15th and 20th of the month, depending on where you live. If you still have issues contact me at hello@gaminetgamine.com, we will do our best to solve your issue asap.

Until when can I subscribe to receive the set for the next month?

You can wait until the last day to subscribe to the box. So the 30th or 31st of the month prior to receive the next box. (subscribing on October 31st will get you the box of November)

How do I cancel or pause my subscription?

Free as a bird, pause during the holidays or cancel your subscription in one click. Go to my account > my subscriptions > pause or cancel


I would like to track my parcel... I am so excited!

An email was sent to you when you ordered, you simply need to find the post tracking number and track your parcel on their website

If you can't find the email, you can contact us and we will find the tracking number for you :)

I did not receive my parcel

It must be a post issue... Contact them directly with your tracking code. We are also here to help you, contact us at hello@gaminetgamine.com.

I want to change my delivery address and make my friends and family happy

Don't worry! we created in "your account" an address box system to change between your pre-saved addresses easily. Go to Go to my account > my subscriptions > change the delivery address.

How and where do you deliver?

Everywhere! we can send your box wherever in the world, You simply need to know that the delivery cost will be proportional to the geographical region. If your country is not on the list, please contact us at hello@gaminetgamine.com


When will I be debited?

Your monthly subscription is automatically renewed except if you ask for the contrary. Therefore, for as long as you want, you will receive a box every month! The debit is automatically done around the 15th of each month

My payment was refused, what should I do?

If your payment was refused, you can check if there isn't an issue with your bank. You can also check if your card is not about to expire.

Finally, our team is here to help you at hello@gaminetgamine.com.

You still didn't find the answer to your question?

contact us at hello@gaminetgamine.com.

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