1. Win / win: sponsor 2 friends and save -10 euros on your next bundle
As a subscriber, you have a unique code, which can be found in your account.
Give your code to 2 friends, and win €10 which will be deducted from your next withdrawal.
Your friends will receive -5€ on the payment of their second bundle (not the 1st bundle).

2. It's unlimited:
You sponsor as many duos as you want. Which means if you sponsor 4 friends -20€ on the next bundle.

3. It’s straight away:
Now go to your account, in the sponsorship tab, to raise awareness of the child. to friends.
You may no longer be able to pay for your monthly bundle thanks to your friends! Enjoy.

Get -5€ on your second bundle. Ask your friend's unique code

Join the Gang and enjoy -30% on the e-shop.